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I'm following along in this tutorial--thank you for creating them--and I'm not finding the menu option described in the step "Spawn Combatants."


The instructions tell me to select Add > Battle > Combatant > Spawn Combatants in the event system, but for whatever reason the Spawn Combatants option isn't available in the list:

Is the Spawn Combatants option for events now located somewhere else?
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  • Make sure you created to correct event type, as certain nodes are only available in specific event types. The tutorial requires you to create a Battle Start Event.

    You can see which type of event you're currently editing above the settings, e.g. for a game event, there'd be Game Event File: labeled.

    Also, you can use Add > Search ... to search for nodes in case you don't find something you're looking for, or don't know where to look :)
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  • Awesome, thank you so much!
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