it would be great to keep a weight system in inventory. He has many strategies focused on this. Well, for example, so that weight influences characteristics, for example, speed? Does the developer have any ideas on this?
  • Check out the Inventory Space functionality - each item/equipment has an this setting, and the inventory can optionally limit the space (Inventory > Inventory Settings). Instead of weight it just named space :)

    The occupied space of a combatant's inventory can be used in formulas via the Inventory Space node.
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  • Item Variables will also let you do this. I did it by first creating a 'Weight' Stat (several, actually, for unit conversions) and giving all of my items a variable named 'Item_Weight'. Then I linked them inside my 'Weight' stat's combined value formula via selected data.

    I recommend pegging your weight system to a small unit of measure, such as grams rather than pounds, to keep it as an easily scalable integer. You can display it in pounds, or anything you like, by creating another formula to divide and then round the value.
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