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I'd like to implement a feature where the player can use an ability to scan NPC combatants and display their stats in a permanently displayed HUD (instead of a menu screen). To achieve that, I created a Menu Screen with a Bestiary (Type) part and then, I use a Call Menu step in a Battle Event triggered by the use of the scan ability.

The problem is that the menu screen asks which target to use even though it should automatically use the target of the scan ability.

I had it working better with a Bestiary Dialogue step instead of a Call Menu, but the problem is that then, I can't use other abilities until this dialogue HUD is closed... and as I said, I want to keep it displayed all the time.

In the end, I figured a solution with multiple game variables (one for each Status) and an Information HUD that gets updated after each use of the Scan ability, but I'm pretty sure there's a better approach to this problem... Is there?

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  • You could also use a regular Combatant HUD and use the display conditions (e.g. adding a 'scanned' status effect to scanned targets) to display them only for some targets.
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    Oh! Great idea! However when I tried to implement it, I found a problem. How can I tell the Combatant HUD to display a combatant that is not the user? In the "Displayed Groups" setting, I checked Player, Ally and Enemy but even then, when I select Individual or Group Target in Status Element/Combatant Origin, nothing is displayed in my HUD.

    Since the Observe ability uses an individual target, I guess I should select Individual Target as Combatant Origin, but it does not seem to work... And when I select User, the HUD only displays the stats of the player character.

    I must be doing something wrong...
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    I just found my mistake: I used the Limit List Length check box with a max. length of 1! Since the first index of the list is always the player and the player never had the isScanned Status Effect, nothing was displayed!

    However, I still have some issues. First of all, NPCs who joined my group are displayed twice on the list. They seem to be in the Player group as well as in the Ally group. How can a combatant be in both Player in Ally group at once?

    Also, when I use the Relative Offset Multi-Box layout, and I display multiple elements, hidden elements still occupy space. How can I tell the HUD to not just hide them but show the valid element without offset?

    Oh, since I still use the "User" Combatant origin, I wonder when the Group Target and Individual Target settings are useful and how to use them...
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  • OK, so I found my second mistake: I was using a display requirement on the HUD element instead of the HUD itself. This was offsetting the HUD boxes when they were hidden.

    So my only issue is the problem of NPC elements showing twice when they joined the player group...
  • Oh well... I just found out the solution to my last problem. It seems like the Ally Groups always include the Player group. So I simply have to uncheck the player group and the elements do not display twice anymore...

    Sorry for all this! At least I hope it may help other users learning ORK out there a little...
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