I've been messing around with ORK again and have been trying to solve this problem for a few days now with no success.

I have two questions, really, both of which I'll expand on after:

- How can I set a trait to a character in battle?
- How can I get the effect to proc as I need?

First, let's assume the character's trait is as follows:

- On inflicting damage, user has a 15% chance of the next spell being free to cast.

I assumed a way around this would be to apply an Auto Status Effect to the combatant or class to be applied at the start of battle to act as a trait, or maybe have a dedicated equipment slot, the 'Trait,' slot that can't be unequipped that also applies a status effect. But is a status effect the best way to solve this problem? I can only assume I'm going about this completely the wrong way and making it far more complicated than it needs to be.
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    1) You create the trait as an ability
    2) In general calculate attack event after the combatant inflicts the damage you do a check if user has the trait ability.
    3) You use a calculate chance node to check for that 15% chance
    4) If the check is passed you add a status effect for free cast
    5) Status effect for free casting is a status effect that is empty
    6) Create a formula for casting costs
    7) At the start of the event check if the status effect is applied
    8) If it is then set costs to 0
    9) In abilities-> user changes set up that using spell abilities removes the status effect
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  • Beautifully explained, I couldn't have said it better :)

    Some general thoughts to this and similar systems:
    - permanent things/traits are best done using passive abilities (e.g. the trait to have a free cast by chance)
    - temporary things/traits are best done using status effects (e.g. the free cast)
    - the battle events used to animate your actions can be used to expand the built-in systems
    - it's always a good idea to generalize your events as much as possible, e.g. having the Caluclate node in its own battle event to be able to add these kinds of systems around it for all actions in a single event
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  • Thank you both for the replies, it's really appreciated.

    I'll get around to testing it tonight most likely, so hopefully I can translate the advice into a working system.

    Thanks again!
  • other tip:
    - when doing such chance based setup, at first set the chance to 100%. Only when you see the setup works lower it to 15%. The fact that the chance is 1 in 7 doesn't mean you will just have to re try the encounter 7 times to get it.
  • So, I tried this last night and this morning, and for the most part I think I have it down... Apart from one problem.

    First, what I've got working:

    - Made an ability (trait,) gave it to my character at level one.
    - Made a modified attack battle event that has a chance fork (Because I couldn't find a 'has ability' check.) It has a 0 - 15 chance to go to a 'Change status effect' node and apply 'Free Cast.'
    - Made an empty status effect, 'Free Cast.'
    - Made a basic formula for a water spell value change. If user has status effect, value = 0, if failed value = 5 (cost of spell will get more in-depth some time later for a proper MP calculation formula.)

    This all works fine. It tells me when an attack applies the effect, the effect works as intended by reducing cast cost to 0. The trouble I'm having is removing the status effect once an ability has been used.

    On the ability I tried a User Change where it had a Status Effect 'remove' with a requirement of 'In Action' (also tried 'in casting'.) I can't find a way for this to work.

    Again, I'm sure I'm over thinking it, but any help would be appreciated.
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    MandyDingle said: (Because I couldn't find a 'has ability' check.
    Use Check Status node. It has an ability in Status Needed section.

    Have you tried removing status effect without requirments? Have you tried checking Forced box? Is Blockable unchecked?

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  • Don't use a requirement on the Status Effect Cast in the User Changes. The user changes are only used (as the name suggests) on the user, so there's no need to check for that :)
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