Here is my question: when we check the Check Object Variables checkbox in Event Interaction, does it ONLY check Object Variables or it checks both Object AND Game Variables in the following Variable Conditions?

For example, I have to check 2 variables to allow an interaction. The first is a local object variable. The second is a global game variable. How do I do that?
  • Only one type is checked, meaning you'll just have to create two or more different check nodes. Have one check for Object Variables, and if it fails you can then check your global, local or otherwise selected variables to see what values they hold. You can also link your Object Variables to Game Variables, but they don't update, so if the Global Variable changes then the two values will likely not be the same.
  • Thanks! However, I'm talking about Variable Conditions in the Unity Inspector, so I cannot add nodes there I think... right?
  • I was able to circumvent the issue by adding a variable event component in the editor, with repeat checked and made it to set the value of the local object variable with the value of the global game variable.

    Still, it would have been nice if I could have used a check object variable checkbox for each variable condition...
  • I don't know if this is helpful for your needs, but on the ORK side of things you can check as many variables of a specified origin as you like within a single node. You can also group them by selecting their 'Condition Type' as 'Condition' rather than 'Variable'. They might have made it slightly more versatile by letting us select the variable origin for each specific case, but on the other hand it streamlines things a bit the way it is.
  • Thanks for the tips! Indeed, this might be useful. It doesn't solve my specific issue but I will surely use this feature sooner or later...
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