Hello I'm was trying to set up a simple 2D network test scene with makinom in unity 2017 and had a few questions.

this is the schematic setup for the server and client.
Show Dialogue - 1. Host > Start Server (Default Port) > Start Client (Set Ready, Local Client) > SpawnPlayer (NetworkSpawn)
2. Join > Start Client (Default Connection) > Spawn Player (NetworkSpawn)
Is this correct?

heres the component setup for the player prefab
I'm using auto machine for movement and animation stuff right now

Right now I can only seem to get it to sync the movement on the game that started the server any movement from the clients game doesnt want to sync.

Any idea how i can get the basic movement to be synced?

  • Are both players using the same inputs and input IDs for the movement? That might be an issue, as the client can only move objects it has authority over.
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    yes their both using the same input ids in makinom for movement. Can I use the spawn prefab and use prefabs as my players instead of the spawn player in player settings? I will edit this later to show my results for using different input ids using prefabs for players.
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