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1) Defend animations arent execute, and when I set a custom defend event to execute, it runs the first node then silently exits, seemingly no matter what I have after that first node.

2) I created a new consumable status value that has a max of another normal status value. However I tried setting it to initialize to 0, but it always has the max value on init.
EDIT: actually it seems that nothing is changing it, even when i explicitly try to change the value in an ability. The console text logs saying it should change, but it cheerfully stays at 100%. I cant seem to see why.

3) Would it be possible to assign a status value change to an ability type? So that if all abilities of a certain type had the same settings I didn't need to duplicate them?
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    1) Which node is your event's first node?
    Also, make sure your combatant actually has the defend animation that's set up.

    2) Make sure the max status value's minimum and maximum value are set up as you need it. E.g. if it's minimum value is 100, that's as low as the consumable stat can go.

    3) No, that's not possible. However, you could set up a battle event that performs whatever status changes you need and use that in all abilities that should use them :)
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  • 1. I had a log to console node, then a play combatant animation node, animation never fired
    Switched it to Log to console node -> log to console node - second one didnt seem to be firing.
    I tried setting the defend animation at both the battle settings and combatant levels, didnt seem to make a difference.

    2) This is likely what I did wrong, figured it was something silly.

    3) Fair, I will likely do that as without being able to copy and paste, I am bound to make mistakes creating these changes for each ability/attack.
  • 1) Hm, I don't see any way this could happen - especially if there is no wait time involved in the first node, the next node will be executed immediately (same frame).
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  • Going to continue debugging, see what I can find out
  • have been fighting with this on and off for over a month now and I still cant get defend events to work properly.

    I have condensed the animation event down to this:


    It prints the message to console, it begins executing the combatant animation, and immediately reverts to normal idle. I have the defend animation set with a duration of 1s but it is reverting to idle in about 0.001s.

  • So, the event is actually performing correctly, but the animation isn't?

    Which animation system are you using?
    When using Mecanim, is the defend animation set up correctly and doesn#t immediately switch back to some other animation?

    Also, when using Mecanim, it might be a good idea to add a small Wait node (e.g. 0.1 seconds) before playing the animation.
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  • I added the wait before the animation step, now nothing happens at all.

    Its mecanim animations, and i have tested the animations manually by calling them directly. I just cant figure out how defend animations are supposed to work.
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    Try using the "Auto animation" set to "Disabled" before

    Edit : NVM that IS an auto animation...
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  • I am sure I'm just missing something and don;t understand how its supposed to work.
  • ORK's auto animations (if you're using them on your combatants) automatically play the idle and movement animations based on the combatant's current speed.

    It might be that this is interfering with your animations if your combatant is moving, so you can use an Auto Animation node in your event to disable it before playing your defend animation (and enable it afterwards again).

    If this doesn't help, I'd need a small Unity test project with your setup where this happens to investigate further.
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  • It is the same github as before. The characters aren't moving though I will totally try this.
  • So stopping auto animations seems to have helped quite a bit. I have a dumb question.

    Currently i use the same animator controller for all of my characters. Does unity create a new state machine instance for each model that uses the controller? Or am I seeing it conflicting because i have multiple characters using the same controller?
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    I dont understand how this could happen:


    The animator state correctly shows params (2, 1) but it is playing the animation for params (1, 1)

    Edit: I copied the controller and assigned the new copy to one of the characters and it still had the same behaviour. When I deleted all of the states for params (1, X) then the states for (2, x) started working... I really don't know what I am seeing here..
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  • Where/when/how are the parameters set?
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  • This one is the 'Damage' animation for one of my characters
    its also happening on 'Evade', 'Block', 'Defend', 'Attack', etc

    Is it a limitation on the size of a controller? I have one sub state machine defined for generic movements using params (0, X), one defined for Character Class A using params (1, X) and one defined for character class B using params (2, X).

    I am only having issues with character class B. Its idle is working fine (2, 0) but all other params (2, N > 0) seem to be firing states from character class A.

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