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Hello there! I'm a bit off a newbie with this, so please bear with me, but I'd super appreciate any help or advice! I'm sure I just managed to do something foolish.
When I spawn combatants using the combatant spawner in the overworld, I can run up to the first enemy and begin combat normally (this works in Turn/Active/Realtime) and, upon victory, the regular victory screen and rewards pop up. The problem is that this only works on the *first* encounter: if I try to engage another enemy, their hunting AI kicks in and they start to run circles around my character, but no matter how close I get, the second battle doesn't begin.
I tried repeating this with the Random Battle Area and that works fine: I can fight in as many battles as I want without any issue. I've tried turning on and off as many things as I could, but nothing seemed to fix the overworld battle issue -- have any of you run into this or know how I can fix it?

Thank you and I hope this was all clear enough! Please let me know if you need a video demo or something to help elucidate. ^^
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  • Make sure your battles, combatant spawners or whatever else you're using either don't use the Scene ID or all have a unique scene ID (e.g. clicking on the Reset All IDs button in the inspector).

    The scene IDs are used to remember if something already happened in the scene and prevent it from happening again. E.g. if a battle should only happen once, you'd use a scene ID on it. You can also reset scene IDs via the event system, like if you want to reset all battles in a dungeon when leaving it.
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  • Oh man, thank you so much! That's fixed everything! I super appreciate the help and again, I apologize for such a silly question. ^^
  • It wasn't a silly question, there's a lot to learn when being new to ORK :)

    Also, if you haven't done so yet, I'd recommend going through the game tutorial series to learn ORK step by step.
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  • ^^ The tutorial series is awesome and taught me a ton about Unity. I just have a goldfish memory, haha. Thank you again!
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