Hi! This is my first post over at the forums and I'm in need of some advice in order to set up ootii's character and camera controller.

First of all what's the best way to set the player up? Through a game event which spawns the player prefab on the first scene, or it being already spawned on said scene and just setting the combatant as player through the event?

What about the camera controller? I'm following this setup but I guess the camera controller should already be spawned? Or maybe spawned through an event? And how would the camera's player references work?

And what about the ootii's input source? Is there a way for ork to make it persist through levels or just hardcode that behaviour? Should it be spawned in the main menu like the game starter?
As you can see I'm quite confused in integrating these custom controls, so any help is very much appreciated!

Any further tips and tricks are very much welcome.

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    Just set up your player as per the tutorials so it spawns into every scene. A camera set up should be in every scene apart from the main menu. Follow ootii camera set up instruction but leave the player part of it blank as the player is spawned into the scene. The main camera should be a child of the camera rig but both should be tagged as main camera. The player should have the player tag as well. Put the script anywhere in your project assets list but reference it in the Behaviour Name in custom controls. the ootii input source should be in every scene that has a camera rig
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  • Thank you so much for your help!
    I was breaking my head over the last couple of days, you have no idea.

    It now works very well but with a little issue:
    The camera tracks the player after the transition has ended, thus doing a very visible snap in place after the transition screen is done. Do you know a way to make it so that it tracks the player as soon as the level is loaded?
  • No sorry I have that same issue myself , from main menu to the first scene. I've just put up with it because I have no idea how to fix it. I'd appreciate some help as well for that problem.
  • Changing scenes blocks player and camera controls, i.e. if ORK also manages your camera control, that'll be blocked during transitions.

    I'll look into making that optional.
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