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ORK 2.27.0 is here: release notes

This massive update adds a lot of new features throughout the framework, so be sure to check out the release notes for all details!

Some of the highlights are:
- new Object type HUD for adding HUDs to game objects in your scenes (similar to the individual combatant HUDs), e.g. to mark quest objects or display the name of an NPC (from scene object component)
- you can define a short name in addition to the standard name of things like items, combatants or abilities, there are new text codes to add them to HUDs, dialogues, etc. (e.g. have a status value named Health Points and short name HP)
- you can define custom text codes, which can be also be defined for combatants and scene objects, e.g. defining catch-phrases and using them in dialogues
- new manager components to handle enabling/disabling components and game objects, so there's now finally a way to let quest-related game objects appear in the same scene as the quest state was changed :)

A game changing new feature is using game objects in status value and status effects, as this allows for setting up complex systems that where not possible before.
Status values can automatically use them when they're changed (e.g. use an event when HP takes damage). There are optional conditions that can be used, as well as limiting them to be used when e.g. changes come from abilities or status effects.
Status effects can use them similar to the status conditions, e.g. using an event when the effect is applied or every X seconds while the effect is active.

Also, I've finally found a way to get the duration of an animation when using Mecanim - although you'll have to define the name of the animation clip for that to work.
Additionally, animation wait times in events received an update! You can now wait based on normalized time (i.e. a value between 0 and 1, 0 being no time and 1 being full time). You can e.g. wait for half of the animation (0.5 normalized time) before continuing the event. You can also store the animation's duration into a float variable (again also using normalized time), so you can e.g. wait for 25% of the animation and store the remaining 75% of the time into a variable to wait after doing other stuff (like using a Calculate node or spawn some prefabs).

Finally, there's a new feature called the Access Handler. The access handler funnels function calls in ORK through central, overridable classes, e.g. creating a combatant or adding something to an inventory. While it's probably not really relevant for many of you, it allows you to interject some of ORK's functionality with custom functionality.
I'll write a how-to on this topic in the next days :)
Edit: Here's a how-to including an custom access handler example for you to build upon.

Warning: There have been changes in all parts of the framework, especially value checks (e.g. used in variable conditions or status requirements) could potentially cause issues. While your data should be compatible with the changes, there is no 100% guarantee that it is – proceed with caution and make a backup of your project!
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  • Looks like a great update!! Especially that Access Handler!

    Thanks for the warning by the way, we'll probably wait a bit for a good time to toss it into the project.
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  • Here's a how-to on the new access handler, including a custom access handler example you can build upon.

    I guess most will not need the access handler at all, but it allows for a wide variety of custom functionality, e.g. adding analytics data collection, client/server communications or replacing ORK functionality with complete custom functionality.

    The access handler mainly funnels functionality that's caused by the player (e.g. using or collecting an item), if you need a functionality funneled through the access handler let me know :)
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  • This sounds awesome and something that could potentially simplify a lot of custom ORK functionality I have been doing. I have not quite understood fully how it all works yet, but I'll dig into it in a few days once I'm done with current tasks.

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    Thank you for the major update you made.
    When does ORK Framework 2.27.0 support unity2019.3.0? Currently ORK and "trigger entry" do not work.

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  • ORK doesn't support any Unity beta versions - I'll add support for 2019.3 once it's officially released.
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    Great update it seems! However, after I updated, one of my menus does not appear anymore. It is a Combatant Information HUD that has a status condition that checks if a combatant has a specific status effect. If I remove that condition, the HUD appears, but otherwise, it never shows, even if the combatant has the status condition (I check in the combatant component of the Inspector to be sure of this).

    Here is the code I use to add the Status Effect:
    playerInfoHUDCombatant.Status.Effects.Add(isDisplayedStatusEffectID, playerInfoHUDCombatant, null, true, true, null);

    Any clue to help me with that?

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    Here are some more details concerning my issue: if I uncheck the Start Toggle button in the HUD menu and I select a key to make the HUD appear then, if I start the game and press the button, the HUD menu appears. But if I set another character to be the group leader, the HUD does not show for the new combatant even if it has the proper Status Effect. If I set back the leader of the group then, the HUD appears.

    As I said, this behaviour is only happening since I updated.
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    So, I've been able to reproduce the bug with a blank scene.

    I spawn a combatant and I specify a New Game Start Event in the Main Menu/New Game settings. In the Start Event, I add a Status Effect with a Change Status Effect node. I then create a Combatant Info HUD that uses this Status Effect as a display condition. It will work. Now, if I add a Wait (1 sec.) node before the Change Status Effect Node, then the HUD will not display itself.
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  • @ArsMagika
    I'll check it out.
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  • Any development?
  • Yep, found the issue, will be fixed in the next udpate.

    I'll probably release a small bugfix update sometime next week.
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    Super! Many thanks! I’d sure be interested in the bugfix update since I need a feature from 2.27 so downgrading is not really an option for me...
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  • If you send me your order/invoice number (and which Unity version you're using) to contact@orkframework.com I can send you a beta version of the bugfixes.
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