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I have a test scene where I'm developing some integration scripts and when my character died in the scene it automatically reloaded a scene and asked me if I wanted to Retry. The first problem is that it didn't load the correct scene. It loaded one of the tutorial scenes instead of the scene I was in. Second, even if I click new game next time around, although it goes to the correct scene, the player spawns at the place where he died instead of the start spawn position for a new game.
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  • OK, forget about the part where it loads a tutorial scene when dead. That's just the Game Over scene that's still assigned. However, the other issue of not starting a New Game is still a problem. I'm trying to find someplace where I can clear saved data, but haven't found it yet. I would have thought New Game would basically do that though.
  • Forget this whole issue. It was my own fault. I accidentally saved my scene with the character already in it. Sorry for the bother.
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