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Is it possible with the mouse player control to have the player character have different movement speeds depending on how far away the player clicks (from the player char). So, if the click is quite close the character will walk, if the click is far away he will sprint.
OR is it possible to have a run button in that control mode. ie when the player clicks on an area the character walks there in the predefined speed but when the player eg presses shift and then clicks, then the char sprints there.
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  • First one - no.

    Second one - might be doable using 2 global events (and 2 input keys).
    - 1st event adds as status effect with a speed bonus to the player, started using an input key that receives the Down input
    - 2nd event removes the status effect from the player, started using an input key that receives the Up input

    Generally, the built-in player/camera controls are mostly there to get you started, you can use a custom player/camera control if you need anything better :)
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  • ok, makes sense. thanks!
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