So I'm having issues that I have never had since I started Unity. I am going through the tutorial and all is well except no mater how I configure any player/character prefabs or grounds, they always fall through the ground. I have messed with the capsule and mesh colliders and rigid bodies and it makes no sense to me. Is there something in Ork that could be affecting this as I am new to Ork. I can't figure out how to add screen shots of each prefabs components on here as it only wants a URL.
  • To post screenshots you'll have to upload them somewhere and use the link.

    Anyway, yeah ... that sounds really strange. You're using the tutorial resources, right?
    If you're sure that your colliders are set up correctly (and are enabled, e.g. the terrain's collider), check the Layer Collision Matrix in Unity's Physics settings if the layers of the different objects can collide with each other.

    The only other thing I can think of would be the combatants spawning in the ground, which can be countered with the Spawn Offset setting in the combatant's prefab settings. This is e.g. needed if your root position (local X/Y/Z being 0) isn't at the feet/bottom of the prefab but e.g. in the center.
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  • All physics default settings were off, weird though as I've never messed with them before. Thanks for the help. Although the character controller down arrow just makes him spin, is that normal? I vaguely remember something about that in building a character controller from scratch a while back but have never really used the one that comes with Unity.
  • Depends on which player/camera controls you're using (and their settings). E.g. the Button player controller with Use Camera Direction enabled will base the movement on the camera, in combination with the Follow camera this leads to the player spinning (since the camera tries to get behind the player and the player keeps moving to the camera).
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