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When i select an action from the battle menu it is playing a short audio clip. I have checked everything I can find and no audio is assigned tot he battle menu. Could this be attached to the ephemeral gui box it uses behind the scenes for target selection?

This started happening when i assigned an audio clip to a completely different gui box, only on the text typing.

The unity profiler suggests that it is playing the exact same audio clip on battle menu selection: typwriter_key - at the same volume (0.1) i have set for the text typing in dialogue boxes.
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  • Hm ... some things to check:
    - make sure your battle menu doesn't use the GUI box with the typing sound (e.g. when using sub-menu boxes)
    - if your battle menu also displays a description, make sure that box doesn't use the typing sound
    - make sure there is no other UI (e.g. a HUD) displayed that uses the typing sound

    Generally - when this occurs, check which GUI boxes are currently open :)
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  • Oh, you called it. The sub menu boxes are the typing sounds one.

    Its so obvious now that you mention it. :D

    Thanks for this one :P
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