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Hi, I'm new to ork engine
So, being directily, exist a easy way to ork suport external UIs?
My intention is construct, animate and resize all ui via unity inspector and after link the respective variables and behaviors.

I have good experince with unity and I like to use these external tools to speed up my workflow.

If not, someone have an experience using ork such like only a "database"? My ideia will be craft the main mechanics out the framework but acessing his data to help me with stats, itens, factions, formulas and so on..

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  • I'm using ORK with custom UI in my game: http://forum.orkframework.com/discussion/5203/the-way-of-wrath-rpg/p1

    It's not easy or straightforward. You'll have to invest some time into digesting unity source code. But, it's possible and becomes easy once you understand underlying ork functionality.

    ORK is not modular. It's one system. You cannot just plug out something and delete the code for other stuff. But, you can write custom access interfaces to manipulate ORK data.
    Some things are easier to extract like inventory, crafting etc. Some, things are very interwoven with other mechanics. For example there would not be much point in using ORK abilities, if you don't use ORK combatant class and ORK battle systems.

    To summarize. It's possible, but you'll have to get your hands dirty.
  • As @hellwalker said, it's possible. Especially creating custom HUDs or menus shouldn't be a problem, as you can access all the needed information and just not use ORK's HUDs and menu screens.
    One thing that will be hard to replace is dialogues in your events - the easiest solution here would be writing a custom event node that does dialogues in your own UI solution.

    Finding where to access the information you want will be a bit tricky on your own, so just ask in the forum (or contact me at contact@orkframework.com). As a starter, you can access the player's combatant via:
    Combatant combatant = ORK.Game.ActiveGroup.Leader;
    The combatant gives you access to combatant's status information, inventory, abilities, group, etc.

    ORK isn't modular in the way that you can remove functionality you don't need, but you can simply ignore it and not use it. Some things are required by others, like the battle system without using the status system and combatants isn't going to work :)
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  • Thanks for the replyes guys. Is a relief see that have a way to make what I thinked.

    @hellwalker is very cool see a project doing that I imagined, this is super motivational. Already wishlisted on steam hahahah, I want stay tunned about your devlogs too.

    @gamigislove thanks for the start tip, I will make sure to start my tests from here.

    Now with these informations my idea is simple: I'll make the prototype with the framework GUI system, and when I sastifated with result I'll starting make theses costumizations. In this manner I learn more about the framework naturaly before starting modfy the same.
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