I'm quite new to the framework and I've been tasked to make a way to see Quest progression on your hud.
(For example a bar showing half full if the player has 2 out of 4 Quest items with the quest name above said bar)
But I just cant figure out what the best way to do it is.

Also is there anyway to only have 1 quest active at a time?
And if so is there a way to get that active quests name and properties in C# scripting?
I've tried looking into the Framework API but to no avail.

Thanks in advance!
  • You can set the number of active quests in Game > Quest Settings.

    As for having a bar representing the requirements (e.g. number of items), that's done using the Advanced Layout setting in the HUD element's Task Settings > Requirement Settings. This allows you to set up Text or Bar labels for a requirement :)

    You can get the active quests like this:
    List<Quest> quests = ORK.Game.Quests.GetQuestsByType(true, -1, false, true, false, false);
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  • Ah yes that will do nicely thank you! :)
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