My scene has a "GameObject",it name is "Car".but,I can't find it in ORK FrameWork.what did I set up wrong? thanks!There are examples?image
  • I can't see the image - where do you want to use that game object?

    E.g. if it's in a game event, you'll most likely want to set up an actor, either searching for the object by name or selecting it in the event interaction.
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  • like this:

    I want find the "Car" in ORK FrameWork>Event
  • Did you use Search Objects?
    Because you have to define any found objects with Search Objects.
  • like this?image

    I did it,but there was no feedback.
  • so you'd search for "Car" which adds it to the list of found objects. Then you can use "Check Object, Found Objects "CAR"
  • Oh, I see. That's why. I succeeded.
    I always thought "Check Object Name" is "
    var car = GameObject.Find("CheckBox");
    bool boo=("Car");
    Was such:"Search Object" is "GameObject.Find","Check Object Name" is '"Car"'.

    thank you ever so much !
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