I'm wanting to change the way console lines appear onscreen, rather than simply appear and scroll I'd like to have more control over the way individual lines appear - fade out, animate, scroll over time instead of in a single frame etc.
The ways I can think of doing this, but don't fully know how to, are a) not displaying them in ORK and triggering my own code to do so whenever a console line is added (a listener, trigger etc.), and b) by editing ConsoleHandler/ConsoleLine functions themselves to display them how I want.
Are either of these options possible? Are there any others?
  • ORK only displays the in-game console if you've set up a Console type HUD, so just not having that HUD (or setting it to not display) will get rid of your in-game console.

    To get notified of changes in the console, you can register to the console's change event handler:
    ORK.Game.Console.Changed += YourFunction;
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  • Beautiful, thank you very much.
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