I use a Shortcut Hud box to display some abilities all the time. The issue is that, if my mouse cursor comes from outside the Hud box and I click very fast, the click does not register. If I click a second time, then the shortcut is triggered properly. It looks to me like the Hud box does not come to focus fast enough when ORK detect that the mouse is over it.

I use cursor over in the GUI Boxes settings and I tried to decrease the HUD check time to 0.1 in the Menu Settings/HUD settings but it didn't solve the issue.

I also tried to write a script that would set the focus over the currently hovered Hud element with ORK.GUI.CursorOverBox.SetFocus(); but it didn't work more.

Can somebody help me on this?
  • HUDs don't have/require focus like e.g. menus. So, a click on the HUD is used immediately.

    Due to the fast movement, the click might not be over the shortcut's bounds or is registered as dragging.
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