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Instead of having enemy combatants "die" on their HP Status reaching minimum I want to have two conditions. I have a second Status called Affinity. I am trying to make it so that death occurs when both the HP is at the minimum (0) AND the Affinity is at Maximum(100). When I select Death On (Status-> Status Values) for both Statuses The battle breaks and does not start. The screen goes black.

I have Death on Minimum for the HP
I have Death On Maximum for the Affinity

Is this functionality that I can do through the Framework or will I have to create a custom script using the ORK API?
  • You can create death event. In combatant>animate you can set up death event to be used.
    In death event you do all your status checks, and you enter continue death event or use Cancel Death Node to revive character.
  • I will try this out, thanks!
    By default should I leave Death On for the Health status reaching minimum? And then in this Death Event do the conditional checks?
  • I think that without Death On you wouldn't trigger Death Event :) Put Death On on every Status Value you want to be able to trigger death and let event sort it out.
  • Another option is to use the status value's Change Game Events settings. Instead of using the Death On setting, you'd use a game event to check for the death condition upon changes to your HP and Affinity stats.
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