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Hi Gil and ORK community,

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I'm working on my game's Health/Damage system. I have five stats that play into whether or not the player or an ally dies.

-Death Points (DP)
-Hit Points (HP)
-Stamina Points (SP)
-Damage Reduction

During combat a normal hit will deal damage to HP but HP has SP, Armor, and Damage Reduction as barriers. HP is subsequently a barrier stat for DP; when HP is zero the combatant falls unconscious and begins losing DP at a specified rate until they are either healed or they reach zero DP and die.

I have a couple of questions on making this system work:

1) What I want to do is on a critical hit, damage bypasses SP as a barrier, but is still subject to Armor and Damage Reduction as barriers to HP. Is there a way to do this with ORK's current settings?

2) If I only have DP as the status value changed on the target, will the barriers for HP also block damage to DP if HP is not depleted?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  • 1) Currently you can only bypass (ignore) all barriers when using the built-in barrier system. But you can build a custom system with a series of formulas and status value changes for each individual stat/barrier. More on that below :)

    2) Barriers for barriers will also automatically block/reduce damage to their 'parent' barrier, so if you have an ability that reduces DP, it'll check the HP barrier, which will check the SP barrier, which will check Armor, which will check Damage Reduction.

    Creating a custom barrier system will be a bit complex with that many barriers, but the basic principle is pretty easy:
    - set up the abiltiy/item status value changes for each individual status value (DP, HP, SP, Armor, Damage Reduction) that can be affected in order from actually damaged stat to highest barrier, so pretty much in the order I mentioned and you have above.
    - have individual formulas for each status value damage, that reduce the value by each stat's current value, i.e. damage to DP will reduce the value by HP, SP, Armor and Damage Reduction (probably also use a min value of 0 for the formula to not cause healing instead)

    Since it's processed in order, the damage to the higher barriers will not influence the lower ones.
    For critical hits (or abilities that should ignore certain barriers) you can set up additional formulas that don't use that stat and don't have a status value change for it.
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  • Awesome Gil, thanks for that info. I'll try it out and report back.
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