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Hi, I want to have a status effect in an active time battle that only effects a targeted combatant's time bar. I'm trying to make one status effect that will make the time bar fill faster, and one that will make the time bar fill slower.
I've been looking at the different battle event node options for the combatant action bar but only see a way to directly set its value.
Could someone help point me in the right direction if this is possible?
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  • I was able to figure it out. Leaving the answer here for anyone else:

    I created a Time Calculation formula that does a status check for the slow time status. If that passes I multiply the value by .25, if it fails I do another status check. If that passes I multiply the in value by 2. If that check fails I add 0 to the in value (making it stay the same).

    Then you can just select this formula as the active time battle Time Calculations
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