As a novice who doesn't know how to program, wanting to make a game depends on a bit of difficulty, just when I was at a loss it was time for ORK to appear in my vision. The official website introduces the game in great detail and contains almost everything that an RPG has to offer. I have little doubt that it's possible to make a Zelda, Dark Souls-like ARPG without programming it? personally very much and very much like 2D games, can ORK fulfill the function of making a Castlevania, Galaxy Warrior type game? I'm trying the free version, I'll upgrade the full version if I can make a prototype, thanks to the developers for bringing us such a good framework, the author can consider a few more video tutorials might be more friendly for us newbies, sorry, my English is not very good, hope I have no problem expressing it. :)
  • I'm making an action game with it, originally an A-RPG but the amount of time it was going to take to add all those extra stats and abilities was going to be pretty intense.

    I have no programming skills and rely entirely on Ork for the gameplay.
  • @Wrofir
    Wow, really great game, non-empty cool tense exciting battles! Seeing the inclusion of shooting, magic, melee, etc. and cool special effects, what kind of game is this? Looking forward to what it will look like when it's finished. How long was it roughly produced? It's a great job to be able to make such a great game without using programming.
  • When going for 2D games, I highly recommend checking out this how-to - but first, finish the game tutorials without alterations :)
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  • It's going on 2 years now, I'm doing everything I can to wrap it up so it can be done by the end of the year.

    It's going to be a fast paced action game with a 4-6 hour storyline. It's not the first game I've worked on, but it is the first one I've done by myself, and the first one that will actually be finished lol
  • I recommend finishing the game tutorials from start to end. It should give you a general idea how you can approach your game once you understand how ORK works.
  • @gamingislove
    Thanks for the tip, learn all the basic features before you try the 2D game!
  • @Wrofir
    Looking forward to the game's follow-up, cheers for a great game!

  • @Raiulyn
    I've been involved in a lot of game production, but want to really make a game of my own, suffering from programming hindrances, your advice is very helpful to me, can not rush, first need to understand how the ORK framework works, in order to have the right production ideas, thanks!
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