As most of you probably already know, Makinom 2 is currently in beta stage (you can check it out here and join the discussion here). Since ORK 3 will be based/require Makinom 2, this'll be relevant for everyone here :)

One of the last big features I've planned before the official Makinom 2 release is exporting (and importing) language data for translations. So, the question here is: What format(s) should be used?
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    My choice is CSV or TSV.
    So anyone can edit it with a text editor. For me, it's the easiest for translations.
    But just don't know is the easiest for implementation or not :)
    You already have an import/export text file, maybe use that as a base?
    1 thing I really want in Makinom is Table Variable(2D array).
    I just don't know, Just feel like Makinom is incomplete without it.
    Maybe you don't need to make it because Makinom doesn't really need it and I'm just doing it wrong.
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