Since a few weeks, I'm trying to reach ORK support with contact@orkframework.com, but I never got any reply. Is this email correct? Is it possible that my email is detected as spam?

Anyway, I just wanted to reach GIL personally...

  • I hope that ways your email I answered today (if not, let me know).
    Sorry about that, sometimes it just takes a while to take a look at things.

    Generally, if it's not something that shouldn't be public or contains a project file/link, it's best to post your questions/issues in the forum, as I'm able to go through all open topics in one swoop when I have the time.
    Emails often come at an inconvenient time, so I give it a quick glance and want to come back to it later, and it getting burried under all the other emails :)
    Please consider rating/reviewing my products on the Asset Store (hopefully positively), as that helps tremendously with getting found.
    If you're enjoying my products, updates and support, please consider supporting me on patreon.com!
  • Thanks Gil!
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