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On 2.29.3, I found that if I clicked on inactive shortcut abilities (i.e. abilities that don't meet their requirements), they would still remove Action bar Points according to their Ability Settings/Phase Action Cost, even though they won't play their battle animation (which is right, since the ability doesn't meet its requirements). The ability shortcut is grayed out as I specified in the Shortcut settings, so I shouldn't be able to use it at all and shouldn't have to pay for it if I click on its icon.

Is it only me?
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    After some more tests, I found that the problem is related to Target Settings/Use Range settings (I'm using Phase grid battles). If I add some requirements to the ability in the Requirements section of the Ability settings, then the ability does not consume Action Bar when the requirements are not met. However, if I only use Use Range Settings as requirement, then the Action Bar is depleted even if no target is within Use Range. The shortcut is still displayed as "inactive" though...

    In my example Ability, I use Target Type: Enemy and Target Range: Single with a Ring grid shape with Ignore Size cells checked, Range 1, Add Origin cell unchecked, Add Occupied cell checked, Add blocked cells unchecked, and Block Diagonal unchecked (I use a hex grid).
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  • Did a quick test with a similar setup and that didn't happen. Inactive shortcuts simply can't be used, and action costs are only used at the end of an actual action.

    Could you send me a small Unity test project where this happens to contact@orkframework.com? There's definitely something strange going on if that's happening :)
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