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I just bought the ork framework. Great asset first of all!
I have a simple question. I have built a game in unity that has a town which you can build buildings and when you click a specific button you go into battle mode, I want to integrate ork framework into it.
I do not want to be dependent on Main Menu as the first menu to pop. Is it possible to skip it and only activate battle mode (turn base battle) in a click of a button from my town scene?
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  • No, you don't need to use ORK's main menu (new game, load game, etc.) - you can either create a custom one and call ORK's functionality for it, or use a game starter with Start Game enabled to start a new game right in the scene you currently are.

    Starting a battle via button depends on how your battles are set up (and the UI system you're using). E.g. when using the new UI, you can use the button to start a game event that handles starting your battle.
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  • Thank you :)
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