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Is there any built in system in Ork framework for keeping track of game objects when reloading past explored scenes?
For example to avoid item pickups or enemies to respawn every time a map is visited again?
Or in the case of newly spawned objects in runtime to still be found in place the second time you visit a location?
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  • items and enemies : yes. You can set a Map ID to those components so that they dont respawn.
  • @Wrofir cool, what about generic scene objects?
    Also i guess it would be a different matter regarding objects spawned at runtime.
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    @Wrofir I think you meant "Scene Id" in the item/combatant spawner.
    I did a quick test and it works!
    However the thing i need the most right now is to make sure certain scene objects don't get respawned, as i use them to simulate fog of war effects on a game world map.

    I was thinking about creating a global variable storing the ids of the discovered fog of war areas, so that those don't get respawned as the scene loads, but i got stopped pretty quick as it seems Ork doesn't have support for Array variables...
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  • As you already discovered, ORK can keep track of certain (ORK-related) game objects via the Scene ID, e.g. to remember collected items or finished battles. They can also be reset via the event system, e.g. to respawn battles after leaving the dungeon or after some time.

    For anything else, you can use the Game Object Manager component to manage showing/removing game objects based on variable/quest conditions. There's also a Component Manager to do the same, but just for components.
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