1.I am trying to implement socket on equip item like Diablo 2.

I think the equipment variable is the function I want, right?

Current plan:
Rune to be equipped in one socket of an equipment will be probably implemented as an int variable rather than an item shortcut. ( for many runes but not included in inventory)

In other words, if a rune variable'hellrune' is set in an equip variable, i want the equipment to be an equipShortcut equipped with hellrune.

Is this possible? Are there related methods?

2. I want to roulette an equipment's status bonus within a specified range.
In other words, if the player pays a certain amount, he wants to redistribute the equip's stat bonuses between the minimum and maximum stat bonuses of the current level of the equipshortcut.
(It is easy to understand if you think of the GreatSword item in Diablo 2 from the lowest value to Highest value , that is, the attack status bonus 450~550)
Is this possible?? I don't know where to set an equipment's min max status value range
Is there a method to redistribute the value in it?

Need advice.
  • 1) Depends on how you want it to function, but there are basically 2 ways to do it.

    Using equipment variables is one way, but that'll require you to manage all of that yourself, e.g. via the event system, changing variables and status bonuses on the equipment.

    The other is to use the Equipment Part Changes settings in your equipment to let an equipped weapon/armor add additional equipment parts (i.e. your slots). So, your slots would be equipment parts given to a combatant by equipping something (e.g. a sword having 3 additional slots), and your bonuses would also be equipment.

    2) Well, it's probably possible via the event system, which can change the status value bonuses of equipment (e.g. using a Value Input Dialogue to get the player's input). You can get an equipment via selected data (Select Equipment node) to access the equipment's variables, which need to contain all that information.
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