I have some issue with battle texts; they currently display too fast, but if I increase how long they display they often keep being displayed after the battle ends


(Better quality: https://streamable.com/1eu5fy )

What I would like is for battle texts to stay on until the user accepts, kind of like a dialogue. Is it possible, or should I just abandon battle texts and use dialogues instead everywhere?

Alternatively, is there a way to clear the battle texts queue on battle end?

  • Well, that'll not be that much of an issue once you're using battle events to animate your actions (e.g. playing an attack animation or particle effect, fading out dead combatants, etc.).

    Other than that, you can't have them set up as dialogues that need to be accepted, they're just informations that pop up automatically when an action is used. To get rid of them being queued, you can use the Replace queue mode in Battle System > Battle Texts > Info Text Settings and also reduce the visibility time.
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