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[ORK license doesn't forbid this that I can see, but IANAL. I understand this isn't an intended use-case for the framework, won't be supported, any breakages are our own fault, and all the internals may change at any time making us have to start over from scratch. That's OK: that's the world of modding!]

I'm trying (with permission) to mod the demo for Corven (see Corvyn's post on this forum about the game - its Kickstarter was just successful, hitting the first stretch goal as well!)

Corven seems to rely heavily on the ORK framework, so as a first step, I'm trying to mod a compiled copy of the ORK tutorial game, since I can control all aspects of that :) When I compile it, there is NO Assembly-CSharp.dll or Assembly-CSharp-managed.dll! That means the ORK framework is purely data-driven!

Downside is, my usual approach of modding Unity games (hooking the C# methods using Harmony) simply can't work here. There are no methods, nor even an entry point, to hook. Instead, ORK seems to be data-driven, using XML data stored in the sharedassetsN.assets files.

Modifying those directly in the .assets files would be really bad (modding should strive to never affect game files), so best approach may be using the ORK API to load and install mods at runtime into ORK's internal data structures.

Looks like ORK.initialize() might be the smartest place to hook? Though... I have no idea how to even hook into it, without Assembly-CSharp.dll. Maybe I can hook directly into ORKFrameworkd.dll... Might also need to find somewhere to hook after each level load and save-file load, too, mind.

Anyone got any clues or experience here?

Anyone know what the entrypoint is?

Any useful pointers at all?

I'm far out of my comfort zone, but enjoying the learning curve :)
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