i tried following the gameplay tutorials but it started to confuse me since its following tutorial for a turn base system game, would like to see a video series on a youtube channel showing the both basic and complex steps to make a small hack and slash game using mechanim animations,for realtime combat , it would be a great help for those who doesnt like text base tutorials and more like a visual learner
  • Turn based and real time hack'n'slash will use the same features/workflow of ORK, that's why the game tutorials are structured that way - everything builds upon the previous tutorials and you'll use everything you've learned (maybe except the turn based specific setup) for the different play styles you can do with ORK.

    The real time battles with some hack'n'slash gameplay specific part comes in the later tutorials, starting around #31, but you still need the things from previous tutorials, e.g. combatant spawners, move AI, battle events to animate your actions, etc.

    There are no video tutorials planned.
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