Hi, has anyone been able to get combatants animating correctly when converted to mesh animations via the ‘Mesh animator’ asset? It essentially converts everything on the current character from mecanim to legacy, but when I set the combatant and animations up to work as legacy and define the animations, the only animations that plays is the default one set via the mesh animator script.

The combatant is set to legacy and matched with the legacy animation set.
  • Since I don't have that asset I can just guess - but I'd say it mainly depends on how it works and plays the animations.

    If it's just converting the Mecanim setup to legacy animations and you can use it just like regular legacy animations (i.e. playing via the Animation component's functions), it should work just like any regular legacy animation setup in ORK.

    On the other hand, if the animations need to be played via a custom component of the asset, you'll have to set up a Custom animation setup in ORK.
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