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I have three attack animations variations set up as "Attack" animation type in a combatant animation profile. The result i have is the first animation gets played, and the other two ignored. Is there a way to make the system pick randomly an animation from the ones linked to the requested type?
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  • Couldn't you use Mecanim animations to trigger this with a Random Node branching off into 3 separate Play Combatant Animation Nodes? Then just have 3 different Parameters you can call for your attack animations.
  • How to see attack animation :
    1. Create Battle Event
    2. Use a Combat Animation node to play animation

    This is what you are using.
    So when setting up animations, add all 3 attack animations there
    Now in the event, before using the Combat Animation node, use a Random node, and attach three different Combat Animation nodes (each having a different animation clip) to the 3 steps (add steps by clicking on Add Step of the Random node) of the Random node.

    Now when the event is called it will randomly play one animation.

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    Ok thanks guys, nice way of handling this!
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  • Just to officially clarify this - an animation type can only have one assigned animation :)
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