1. When the combined setting is applied to one status value, is the value of the getValue function calculated as the result value of the formula?
Or is the basevalue returned before the formula value was applied?

2. Among the "initial Value" setting of the combined status value and the "start value" setting of status development, what can be said as the baseValue of the status?

3. How is the target of formular set?
In other words, for example, I have a combined-status value of "weak". This formular is affected by the def of the target (enemy).
However, how is the value displayed in the status menu part (character setting window) without a target?

And is this value displayed differently depending on the enemy every battle?

If the values ​​are displayed differently each time in the character status window (during a fight, depending on the enemy), it may be inconsistent. How would you like to deal with this case?

4. We have confirmed that the Sorting Settings section in the menu part has been updated.
Can I use this option to sort items in the inventory in real time?
(I wanted a sorting function in a custom inventory (exists on the ork tips&trick board), is this the item sorting function I want?)

  • 1) No - the combined value is calculated upon each status recalculation (e.g. happens when any non-consumable status value changes, effects are applied, equipment changes, etc.).
    The base value of a status value is the 'pure' status value without any bonuses (or in case of a combined value, also without the formula calculation).

    2) You can use the status value itself in the formula's calculation to use the uncombined value of the status value, e.g. to also add the bonuses that are added to it from effects or equipment.

    3) Status values only use the 'owner' of the stat in the combined formula calculation.

    4) The sorting options in the inventory menu screens allow you to change how the displayed items are sorted. There are different sorting options available and the sorting can be changed in-game via input keys.
    If you want sorting in a custom inventory, just get the list of items you want to display and sort them via list sorting. All the sorting options available in the menu screens can also be used via code.
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