I have a turn based battle system. Currently enemies die at the end of a turn (IE, after a character has attacked and returned to position) Can I make it so enemies die as they take the lethal damage? also, is it possible to have multiple characters die simultaneously, like in an AOE attack? Currently each of their death occurs separately, but maybe this is due to the animation during the "death event"?
  • set up their damage event to first check and see if their hp is at 0 and if so play the death animation.
  • Enable Death Immediately to play a combatant's death animation at the time they receive the killing blow - otherwise the death animation will be played after the current action finished animating.

    Also, the time at which they receive the blow is determined by the Calculate step of the attack, e.g. if you have that at the end (or use Calculation Needed option in the battle event instead), that will happen at the end of the animation.
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