Would I be able to set up ORK to recognize differences between Battle Spots via variables or any other method? I have 4 battle spots in my turn based combat, I want default melee attacks by characters to only be able to target the "front" character. IE assign variables to each battle spot that allows them to be targeted by certain abilities? Or would it be better to develop "battle range templates" etc and use a different approach
  • You can either use status effects or object variables on the combatants to do that. The target requirements for abilities/items can depend on them to only allow targeting front row or back row, etc.

    Adding the effects or changing the variables can be a bit tricky, but if your battle setup allows it, it's probably easiest just using a Trigger Enter event interaction encapsuling the rows as needed and doing the changes. Make sure to enable Start By Other in the interaction's setup to be able to start it by others than the player.
    An alternative would be using environmental damage dealers instead of interactions.
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