Currently I have a battle system that works very similar to octopath traveler, or older final fantasy games, at least in terms of where everything is on-screen.

For targeting I have the buttons setup for "next target" and "previous target" so that it makes sense when selecting a target. The arrows target an enemy that you'd expect when pressing left or right. When I try to target a buff on an ally though it's the opposite of what you'd expect. I don't use a menu, but rather an arrow on the actual target. So I have several questions:

Is it possible to reverse the buttons for ally target selection?

Is it possible to add multiple possible buttons for "next target" and "previous target", so for example having both the right and down arrow work for next target? (Negative axis gets weird jumpy results)

Is it possible to set it up so the target selection uses horizontal and vertical axes to move the target that would make the most sense from the screen's perspective?

Little side note, when not using the battle menu it gets disabled from view. hovering over where the buttons would be still causes the targets to highlight. It's easy to work around, but there you go. :)
  • The target selection (and sorting) is handled by the battle menu, even when not showing the menu/selection. You can control how the targets are sorted using the Target Sort Type setting in the battle menu, e.g. using Screen Position will sort them based on their position on-screen (I think from top-left to bottom-right).

    If you're using group/individual target selections (Battle System > Target Settings) you can set a separate sort type there.
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  • While that is possible, it's not really what I'm looking for, cus it still puts them in a list.

    What I would ideally like to have is for every key to go to the target you'd expect. So it starts of with the highlight on the enemy in front. Pressing 'left' will go to the enemy positioned left of the current target, while pressing 'down' will go to the enemy in front/below the current target. This is basically how the SNES FF games do it, as well as octopath.

    I might create a menu with positions and stuff, but it would be a problem when one enemy dies and the choices get their position changed.
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