Hey there,
i have a little issue with creating Gui/Hud for my game for example want to have good dialogue boxes and heart based system in my hud.

My biggest problem is, that the HUD is based on the Screensize. Is it possible to bind the Heights and so on the viewsize of the camera?
Is there a easy solution, because i want to use the dialogue system for my game.

best regards
  • One solution could be having a dedicated Camera with UI layer to render your HUD and all UI related stuff
  • Thanks for the fast reply!

    This solution would be a normal unity solution correct? Would be out of the Ork Framework?

    Because I really want to use the dialogue system of Ork, otherwise i would need to write a dialogue system myself :(

    If this is the only solution, I would go for it. But that can be very time consuming, I think.
  • ORK has options for GUI scaling in Game > Game Settings based on the default screen size you set up there.

    GUI layers can also set up their own GUI scaling, e.g. using different layers to bind the GUI to different corners of the screen (when not using Stretch To Fill scaling).
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  • Thanks GiL for your fast replay aswell. I got now my mistake,

    thanks for your help.

    regards Afaryz
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