Hi there, I'm switching over to the New UI system from the Legacy GUI one but when I run the game and press TAB (which previously opened a GUI Box), I get the following error.

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
ORKFramework.ImageContent.CreateNewUI () (at <7abe1a5edd584969b0f09b98b7a8443f>:0)
ORKFramework.GUIBox.Tick (System.Single t) (at <7abe1a5edd584969b0f09b98b7a8443f>:0)
ORKFramework.GUIBox.Register () (at <7abe1a5edd584969b0f09b98b7a8443f>:0)
ORKFramework.GUIBox.InitIn () (at <7abe1a5edd584969b0f09b98b7a8443f>:0)
ORKFramework.BackgroundImage.Init () (at <7abe1a5edd584969b0f09b98b7a8443f>:0)
ORKFramework.BackgroundImage.Init (ORKFramework.BackgroundImage[] image) (at <7abe1a5edd584969b0f09b98b7a8443f>:0)
ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen.FinishOpening () (at <7abe1a5edd584969b0f09b98b7a8443f>:0)
ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen.Show (System.Boolean fromOtherScreen) (at <7abe1a5edd584969b0f09b98b7a8443f>:0)
ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen.Show () (at <7abe1a5edd584969b0f09b98b7a8443f>:0)
ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen.Tick () (at <7abe1a5edd584969b0f09b98b7a8443f>:0)
ORKFramework.MenuHandler.Tick () (at <7abe1a5edd584969b0f09b98b7a8443f>:0)
ORKFramework.ORKCore.FireTick () (at <81f7efca5b284b7ea7234e1fa2c9d84c>:0)
ORKFramework.ORKHandler.Update () (at <81f7efca5b284b7ea7234e1fa2c9d84c>:0)

I have added a prefab to the content box, name box, choice button, and OK/Cancel button for the 3 different GUI boxes that are a part of this series of menus that appear when I hit TAB. Another tidbit is that I am able to get the New UI system working for the Battle Menu when I enter a battle, so I am not sure why it is throwing this error just for this menu opening.
  • Based on the error I'd say you're using a background image (either in a menu screen or a default background in Menus > Menu Settings) that has no texture selected.

    I'll add a safeguard for that in the next update, but you can easily fix it by checking your background images and either remove the empty one or set a texture :)
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