is there any option in ORK Editor to change button shape from box/rectangular to circular and set radius? C# is not my stronger side... :)
  • Yes, i forgot to mention, am using GUI skins, and the issue that i would like to solve is next...

    when i go to "Asset/Create/GUI skin", and open in inspector button>background and drag some PNG circular or any non-rectangular shape with transparent background, it applies well, but in play mode when i hover the mouse over empty space near the shape which is basically transparent invisible PNG background, it consider it as a part of a button, and it will affect "on hover" image and it doesn't look good...

    So am searching for an option to somehow define button shape with the picture without transparent background, or just option in ORK Editor to make circular button defined by radius...

    Any tips or hint would be appreciated... :)
  • Unity's legacy GUI doesn't support non-rectangular button bounds. While you can use images as you like, the bounds will still remain rectangular.

    I'm not sure if the new UI supports that.
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  • Ok, Thanks :)
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