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Edit: This was solved, but please see second post.
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  • Okay, I figured it out.
    I added a child object to my controller and put the footstepper component on that and it solved it. Must be something with the controller and it isn't always registering being on the ground.

    A quick question, if I may. If I wanted to add crouch steps, is it easy to override the footstepper script, or is there a better way?
  • When a footstep/sound isn't played, my first guess would be that the raycast didn't hit the ground (or at least anything with a footstep source). In those cases you should make sure to use a raycast setup with some leeway and you have a good layer setup, e.g. not including the game object's layer the footstepper is on.

    As for crouching footsteps, you can either use Tag Effects or Custom Effects, see the documentation on footstep materials. Depending on your setup, one or the other might be better, e.g. playing footsteps via animation events would make custom effects the better choice, while using auto play (e.g. in a first person setup) would use tag effects (i.e. while crouching, you'd change the Effect Tag of the Footstepper component).
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