I built Android with about 1000 pieces of data (weapon, armor, combatant, potion etc..) for mobile games.

My game is 2d side-scrolling and the batches are around 100~150.
And the frame rate is set to 60. (targetframerate = 60;)

But as soon as I ran it on my phone (galaxy s8), the app stopped and shut down.

So I reset the frame rate to 30 and the game works (with a lot of frame drop)

I judged this to be a memory load.

1. Are the Ork Framework and mobile games not compatible? ( all editor data seem to loaded at start causing big delay)

2. I have viewed this post.
as above There are not many textures placed in the scene in my mobile environment but, I have a lot of indexed data in my ork editor (around 1000) and I think it is loading them into memory at startup would be a huge load. (long loading time)

In this case, it does not actually use all of the data, but it is loaded into memory, so it is thought that a significant game delay will occur.
Is this right?

3. I'm used to ork and I want to use it in the future.
However, compared to other rpg applications, it seems very heavy to use in mobile games.
Could you please advise on this?
(In other words, it gets heavier as you add a lot of data to the Ork Editor..)

4. and.. I think it loads all the sprites registered in the editor into memory. Is that right?
Would it reduce the memory load a bit if i properly bind sprites through the sprite atlas?
  • Check out the how-to on asset sources. Basically, you'll want to pack your assets (prefabs, textures, audio clips, etc.) into asset bundles - best use uncompressed bundles. In ORK, switch to using asset bundles after setting up your bundles in Unity, which can be done with a simple button-click.

    Using asset bundles will allow ORK to load assets as needed, otherwise Unity will load every asset that is referenced by ORK when ORK is loaded, leading to a long initial load time and high memory usage.
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  • assetbundle is nice solution thanks :)
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