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I figured an animated .gif is worth a thousand words.


The Targeting System that I'm looking for LOOKS like Pokemon, but WORKS like a rolling system shown above, where selecting a different Enemy Combatant rolls their info and sprite off-screen, to be replaced by the next Combatant in line. The same system will be used for Player characters.

My question is: Is there a hack-job "dirty" kind of way I can use the basic Ork Framework system to make it work? Or is it absolutely necessary to find scripting help for it?

This is for a prototype, so I'm fine with dirty solutions, if they're available.

Any hot tips?
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    Not sure if that's exactly what you're looking for, but you can use something like this:

    1) Disable ORK's target menu (Use Target Menu in Battle System > Target Settings). The target menu is still used in the background, but not visible.

    2) Use Battle System > Battle Camera to focus the camera on the selected target (Look At Selection settings, available when not using the None camera type).

    3) Optionally use the Target Information Dialogue (Battle System > Target Settings) for showing stats/infos of the selected target.

    For a custom scripting solution, just use #1 and access the selected target via the selecting combatant's battle menu.
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