Does the the list of Object Variables need to be the same for all objects with the same Object ID in order to work?

For example:
I have a object called GameBrain that isn’t destroyed when switching scenes with 2 empty child objects called scene1 and scene2 each have an object variable component with an
ID item-container-checker. In scene1 child object it has a bool variable chest1 set to false and for scene2 child object it has a bool variable chest2 set to false.

I then have a machine on two chests in two different scenes that after execution changes the bool variable on object
ID item-container-checker called chest1 to true for the first chest and chest2 for the second.

It doesn’t seem to be working set up this way. Does the object variables all need to be listed on all objects with the same ID in order to work?
  • All Object Variable components that have the same object ID use the same variables. If they should operate on their own variables, either use different IDs or the local variables option.
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  • Gotcha, I ended up using object variable with different IDs to match each scene. Or another option I had was to have one object variable with all variables listed and that works perfectly! Thanks for the quick response as usual!
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