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Building a dungeon crawler consisting of series of 1v1 monster battles, I want to show battle gains only at the last battle.
Up until that point, I want to show only level up and combatant gains.

I tried overriding behavior on the battle instance itself, but it seems it has no effect.

These are my Battle End settings:

This is the event I am using to override the last battle victory event behavior:

When I uncheck Show Combatant Gains in the Battle End settings, it never shows it even after overriding the Battle Victory event with the node to collect battle gains.
Any idea how else can I achieve the desired behavior?

PS: I was able to get rid of all gains dialogues by adding a node Close Battle Gains, but that is not what I want to achieve.
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    You can't show battle gains after they already where collected - the easiest solution would be to not collect the gains you want, e.g. in this case disable Collect Loot in the Collect Battle Gains node.

    Any uncollected battle gains remain available until you either clear it out or collect it, i.e. you can collect the loot at the end of your dungeon, either via a different battle end event or having e.g. a bool variable as mark in the regular battle end event to collect it.

    An alternative would be to store the loot into an item box (via the Use Item Box option in the Collect Battle Gains node) and have an item box available at the end of the dungeon to collect the loot.
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