I've been trying to get the animations to work correctly based on the tutorial but for some reason the run animation still plays for a half second and the player model just glides across the floor.

I've followed the mecanim tutorial provided and messed around with the speed settings. Root motion is not applied, the animations are set to loop as well as auto-animations in ORK. I've also tried the use the use position change to no avail as well.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  • The Mecanim tutorial is only one possible setup for this - the details will depend on the used animations and how you want your animations to work.

    I'd recommend to not use the auto animations and instead feed the combatant's movement speed to the animator as a float parameter via the Auto Move Speed Parameters in the Mecanim animation setup in ORK. This'll let the animator control the animation instead of having ORK trying to handle it via parameters.
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  • I'm def gonna give that a shot once I'm done with my copious amounts of chemistry homework.

    Thanks for the reply @gamingislove
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