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Hello, I seem to be doing something wrong. My aim is to apply 2 attack attributes at once when attacking an opponent.

I created 2 status effects: Enchant Fire and Enchant Water where each add element attack attribute (fire and water).

I have target combatant with attack attributes fire 200 and water 300.

The damage of my basic attack without any attack attribute is 7 against the target combatant.

After I add the fire attack attribute to my basic attack it's as expected 14 and if I add the water attack attribute it's 21.

When I add both, they both show up like this:

Ability target changes is set like this:

But for some reason when I have them both applied, only 1 takes effect and it seems like it's always the fire so I end up dealing 14 dmg, instead of the expected 21.

Any idea why? Status effect priorities are all set to 0.

EDIT: I just figured it's sorted by the order in which I have status effects in the ORK Framework.

It's not clear to me why this is the behavior? Why am I not able to apply both and determine which will really take dominance by the ability target change setting set to Damage calculation type: Highest?
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  • Because the damage calculation type is for the set up attack attributes of the ability - when using effect attribute changes like your enchants, it'll use the first one that's found (which is based on the Priority of the effect, or the ID/index if it's the same priority).

    So, in short, you can only enchant with one element at a time, not 2 at once.
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