Hey Gil,

I was debating trying to use a controller mapping for my game, using an XBOX controller.

With our changes recently to make the movement work, the pan is set up to need the mouse 2 hold and the pan X axis on the mouse. Is there a way to make the right joystick do this also? I tried a few attempts using the key combo option calling from ORK and Unity Input Manager, but it ended up locking up the game on new game selection or load game.

After that I was more curious if it is possible with this set up? Perhaps I am entering a wrong setting somewhere?
If it isn't possible no big deal, it probably would work better not using a controller and using a keyboard mouse combo, but I know if I could get a controller going those not using a PC would get to enjoy it too.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated very much. Auto Save for Hardcore is up and working beautifully, thank you for that! Thank you also for the work on the feature, it is awesome! Been loving it! Happy Easter!

  • Depends on the used camera control, e.g. the Mouse camera control, as the name suggests, only uses mouse (and touch) input, i.e. it doesn't support any input key for rotating.

    If you e.g. change to the Top Down Border camera, you can achieve something like that.
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