For a turn based battle I'd like some enemy combatants to follow a turn order rotation to determine which abilities to use. I see in the battle ai there are "Check Turn" and "Check Turn Value" nodes, the former even includes a "Every n Turns" option, however I don't see how that would allow me to implement, for example, a 3 turn rotation like: on Turn 1 use Ability A, on Turn 2 use Ability B, on Turn 3 use Ability C, then on Turn 4 start the rotation again using Ability A.

For now I set a global variable and use a Game Variable Fork, which is okay if there is a single instance of that enemy in a scene, but gets more complicated if there are multiple (i.e. I don't want multiple enemies using the same turn count). Can you confirm Game Variable Fork just uses global variables?

If this isn't supported I can make do, but am curious if something like this might be supported in the future. Thanks for your help.
  • Should be doable with the Every n Turns option, but use it in reversed order, i.e. highest to lowest, so first check for every 3 turns, followed by every 2 and finally every 1.

    Otherwise the every 1 turn would kick in every time :)
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  • That makes sense. I'll give it a try thanks!
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